The Sinai peninsula offers many scenic highlights. These can be reached either by a four-wheel drive vehicle or by camel. Both tours have their attractions.

Be enchanted by the desert!


Due to the current political situation, some of the offered tours may not be feasible. Please ask if your desired tour is possible.

Offroad Tours

explore the desert without the strains of a camel trip
Coloured Canyon

Colourd Canyon

The strain of this trip is medium to hard. Not for overweighed and unfit persons because of the climbsand the bottlenecks to pass!

The famous Coloured Canyon is about 90 km north of Dahab. We start the trip in Dahab by a 4x4 car, since the road is very bad, and drive towards Nuweiba till you can see the oasis Ain el Furtaga. The tracks leads uphill through sandy wadis directly to the starting point of the canyon walk. There is a Bedouin cafeteria in this area, where we can stop for a rest. A small path leads down to the canyon and you can start the walk.
We will bring you directly to the canyon by 4x4 car. You need good shoes for the hiking and you need to be in good physical shape. You have to climb down several meters in the canyon and you have to pass some bottlenecks. It's a great adventure! The best time to do the walk is in the late morning when you will have the best sunlight.
At the end of the trip you have to re-climb the plateau. Have a break at the Bedouin cafeteria where the car is waiting for you.


Ain Khudra and Fersh Birgha

The strain of the trip is medium to hard. Especially the ascent back to the asphalt road may be difficult.

The oasis of Ain Khudra is about 53 km noth of Dahab. We drive towards Nuweiba and close to the St. Katherine junction we will turn west. After a few kilometers the narrow valley widens to the overwhelming landscape of the Fersh Birgha. Beside the road there are several Bedouin cafeterias and that's where we start the trip to Ain Khudra. The view down to the oasis is really beautiful. Alternatively, you can go there directly by a 4x4 car via Nuweiba.
Our car will bring you to the starting point. After a walk to the edge of the plateau we shall walk downhill to the Khudra valley. There are a lot of palm trees in this very beautiful oasis.
If you are fit enough choose the White Canyon trip for ascend, which is harder but more beautiful. Or you can use the direct way up to the asphalt road.
The car is waiting for you at the asphalt road to bring you back to Dahab.

Saint Catherine's Monastery

Saint Catherine's Monastery

If you do not want to walk uphill to Gebel Musa the strain of this trip is minimal. But for the hike to the peak you should be in a healthy condition and physically fit.

The monastery of St. Catherine, founded in the 6th century, is one of the most famous Greek-orthodox religious centres. Pilgrims from all over the world used to travel to this holy place since many years. Today tourists come to this area either to visit the monastery or to enjoy the overwhelming view from the Gebel Musa. The distance from Dahab is about 120 km. There is a very good asphalt road.
We have to start early in the morning or even in the night time if you wish to climb the peak of Gebel Musa. The car or minibus will bring you to the monastery's parking area and from there it only takes ten minutes to walk to the monastery.
To walk up to Gebel Musa you can use the traditional monk trail with its 3750 steps all the way up to the peak, which is at a height of 2285 m. There is a longer and more comfortable way up where you can ride a donkey or a camel.

Camel Tours

Would you like to stay outside in the desert for a few days living with the Bedouins?
Camel Riders

Fersh Birgha

The strain of this trip is medium to hard. It depends on the distance and if you want to climb hills like Gebel Matamir!

Fersh Birgha is - as the name implies - a sand desert carpet in an area with exciting sandstone formations about 45 kilometer north of Dahab. The entire area is ideal for camel rides. There are countless places to stay, many photographic highlights and wide sandy desert areas with a wonderful dune landscape. Our vehicle takes you to the starting point, where the Bedouins are waiting for you.
You determine the number of days and the total distance of the tour. After the luggage is stored on the camels, you start.At the end of the tour, you will be picked up at the asphalt road again by our vehicle.

Mushroom Rock

Wadi Arade

The strain of the camel trip is medium to hard. Especially if you want to go through the Canyon Arade!

The Wadi Arade is a long stretched sandy wadi stretching north from the asphalt road to Saint Catherine to Gebel Gunna. Here you will find fantastic sandstone formations, magnificent canyons such as the famous Canyon Arade and the impressive Mushroom Rocks.
Our vehicle takes you to the starting point next to the asphalt road. From here the tour starts. You will determine the distance and duration of the tour yourself. At the end of the tour you will be picked up again from our vehicle on the asphalt road.

Camel Riders

Abu Gallum

The strain of this trip is medium.You have to walk some kilometers of the trip. No special equipment or shoes are necessary.

Abu Gallum is a sandy cape almost 20 km noth of Dahab.First we go to the Blue Hole by car where the camel trip begins.
You will be guided by experienced Bedouins to the Abu Gallum Bedouin village where we'll have lunch. You can snorkel in the crystal waters or even dive (the equipement is carried by the camels) or just swim or enjoying the desert.
In the late afternoon the camel will bring you back to the Blue Hole where our car is already waiting. It will bring you back to Dahab Divers.

Regional Tours

We also arrange tours to the region, for example to Cairo, Luxor or Petra, Jordan


Cairo is the political, economic and cultural center of Egypt and the Arab world

It is best to travel to Cairo by plane from Sharm el Sheikh. Flight takes just under an hour. We can offer you a hotel in Cairo in the desired category.
From here you can explore the sights of this city or go to the Pyramids of Giza. Take a few days for Cairo. We take you to Sharm Airport and pick you up from there.

Luxor, Karnak Temple


Take a taxi or bus for longer distances.

With the Valley of the Kings - located near the ancient Egyptian Thebes, today about 5 km northwest of the center of Luxor - it is a tourist highlight. The 400 km distance is best handled by plane from Sharm. Due to the size and variety of archaeological sites Luxor is only suitable as an excursion for several days. At least once in your life you should have been there. We take you to Sharm Airport and pick you up from there.

Petra, the Monastery

Petra , Jordan

Visiting the ancient Nabataean capital is a great experience.

You start in Dahab in the early morning. Our minibus brings you to Taba, where you take the speed boat to Aqaba. From there you reach Petra by bus. It's quite a long travel but it's worth to do it.
Visitors approach the ancient site from the east after paying an entrance fee at the visitors information center.